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DQ50DJ top drive drilling equipment

Issuing time:2019-09-04 16:35

Quotation for DQ50DJ top drive drilling equipment

Power swivel
main motor
air cooling motor
brake device
code device Assy.
reducer casing Assy.
wash pipe Assy.
balance cylinder Assy.
lifting bail
main shaft dynamic seal
gooseneck Assy.
Pipe handling device
rotating head Assy.
link tilt device
back up tong Assy.
IBOP Assy.(remote)
IBOP control device(automatic)
IBOP Assy.(manual)
saver sub 5in
rotating dynamic seal
locking device
elevator link 350t×114in
elevator 350t×18°
Electric control system
main control system
PLC programmable control
driller console
electric control house
main power cable and control cable
control and communication cable
grounding cable
power cable
communication and transmission accessory
Integrated hydraulic source and control system
hydraulic tank
hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor
control valving
hydraulic pipeline, adaptor
sealing part
Guide rail and tackle
single guide rail upper connection Assy.
single guide rail middle connection Assy.
single guide rail lower connection Assy.
guide rail connecting part
oil grease
Liubracation oil
hydraulic oil
mechanic tool
electric tool
hydraulic tool
special tool
Power system
generator set Cat C18
generator set control unit
generator house
21 foot open type container
tool house
3 engineeres Training and supervise cost
Specialist Service
《product packing list》
《product quality certification》
《static load test report》
《test and detection report 》
《operation manual》
《electric manual》
《hydraulic manual》
《installation manual》
《maintenance manual》
《data backup and recovering manual》
《electric house operation manual》
《mechanical drawing manual》
《electric drawing manual》
《hydraulic drawing manual》
maintenance point diagrammatic drawing
《generator set operation manual》

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