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downhole tools Magnetic Fishing Tool_string magnet tool

Product Details

WELL-CLEAN downhole magnet is run with WELL-CLEAN casing brushes and centralized casing scrapers to remove ferrous metal debris during well cleaning to prepare for completion hardware installation. It can be used as an integral component of the a debris removal system during post-perforation operations.

This heavy-duty, extra-large-debris-capacity tool removes metallic debris in difficult well configurations such as liner tops and in highly deviated wellbores. It can also be used for fishing, displacement, and debris recovery during and after milling.

The magnet has a simple, rugged mandrel design. It can be used in wells with low annular velocities, wells that contain fluids with poor carrying capacities, and in wells where circulation is a problem.


Unconventional hydrocarbons

Conventional oil and gas

Deep water

Wellbore cleanup



Features and Benefits

Heavy-duty steel construction

–Withstands rotation and reciprocation for long periods

High-torque connections

–Minimize crossovers

Contains no external screws, bolts, or blocks

–Eliminates risk of parts working loose under extreme operating conditions

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