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Nature Gamma Measure While Drilling

Product Details

Nature Gamma Measure While Drilling

Nature Gamma Measure While Drilling:

Research radioactive element relative amount in rock, real time detect nature gamma ray total intensity to indentify different lithology,   for guide drilling job against geology parameter while drilling

Rock and minerals inordinately own some radioactive. It exists 65 kinds of radioactive elements in nature, mostly are rarely.   Rock radioactive characteristic almost resulted by Uranium / Thorium / Actinium and Isotope K40 exists and decay progress. In these radioactive element decay progress,   the redundant energy be radiated in high-energy electronic magnetic wave mode, it’s procedure of radiation gamma ray (or named photon).

Near Bit Gamma.png

Enter into reservior 11m @ angle 5°:

Near bit gamma: It has entered into reservior at VD of 0.96m.

Conventional gamma: It just enter into reservoir, gamma is reading.

If reservior thickness less than 0.96m, the bit has been out of it.

Azimuth Gamma:

Azimuth gamma surveys gamma from right above & under face of the hole, and transmits to ground;

Gamma data will be a slow change during approach to top/bottom boundary of hole;

Gamma data slow changes is out of sync, as a result of different direction of upside and downside gamma;

Locating the out-sync of upside & downside gamma data, it helps diagnose the tracking close top or bottom boundary situation.


Long life – High power downhole motor tech:

Excellent heat transfer property extends stator service life;

Even rubber expansion makes stator working more stable;

Each stage pressure-bearing higher, increase out-put power;

Increase bonding area between rubber and metal, enhance bond strength;

Lower sensitive to temp. & solvent, makes stable working longer;

Imported rubber: appropriate for oil based mud   / salt water based mud

and high temp. etc.

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8” OD Retrievable/ Reseatable Mud pulse telemetry and surveying system (probe type):

Manufacture type?

Manufacturer   to specify

Type of Power source? Turbine or battery type?

Manufacturer   to specify

Telemetry type?

Manufacturer   to specify

Battery Life (in case of battery Type power source)

Minimum of   150 hours battery life both in logging and steering modes at high data transmission rate

Tool measurements Type

Phase and attenuation resistivity with different spacing

Tools memory

At least 2 MB capacity

Directional & Inclination measurement Range

- Inclination : 0 -   95 deg

- Azimuth :    0 – 360 deg

- Tool face magnetic : 0 - 360 degree

- Tool face Gravity :     0 - 180 degree

Directional & Inclination measurement Accuracy

- Inclination : +/- 0.2 degree for all Inclinations

- Azimuth : +/- 0.2 degree for inclination above 10 degree

- Tool face : +/- 0.6 degree

Switching inclination

5   deg ≤ Inc ≤ 8 deg

Gamma Ray measurements


Gamma Ray detector Type

Scintillation counters

Gamma Ray measurement Range

0 to 250 API w/ 0.5 cp resolution

Gamma Ray measurement Accuracy

+/- 6%

Gamma Ray measurement vertical resolution


Gamma Ray sensor distance to btm of the tool

Manufacturer   to specify

Flow rate

900 gpm

Temperature rating

150 degree C.

Minimum pressure rating

20,000 psi

Minimum   tool curvature

- 4˚/100ft   while rotating

- 15˚/100ft    while sliding

Minimum Sand content tolerance

2 % V/V at max flow rate

Minimum Solid content tolerance

10 %

Minimum Plastic viscosity Tolerance

20 cp

Minimum chloride tolerance   

200,000 ppm

LCM Content tolerance

50 lbs/bbl using fine to medium size of mica.

Data Transmission Rate

- Survey :     Maximum of 300 sec

- Tool face : Maximum of 60 sec

- Continuous Azimuth & Inc : Max of   240 sec

Telemetry data rate

6   - 16 bps ( 16 bps for imaging transmission)

Connection Type

6-5/8” Reg connection

Fishing Equipments

Required (Manufacturer must provide a list of the fishing equipment for the tools.

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