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Product Detail

Dual Action Ball Valve 5" 15000psi

Product Details

Dual Action Ball Valve, Rupture Disk operated

5"OD x 15000 PSI, 400F, 3 1/2" IF or 3 7/8" CAS


The Dual Action ball Valve is the annular Rupture disc controlled ball valve type tools, also called RD DAV, can be used as a tester valve or a safety valve to close the well under emergency condition. The RD-DAV can be run in hole in either the open or closed position, the tool can be operated by twice, so called as Dual action or dual shot valve. In the single cycle configuration, the RD-DAV can be used as a tubing string pressure test valve, or as a safety shut in valve in wells where a secondary downhole barrier is required. The Dual cycle configuration provides downhole tester valve with one shut in cycle for a pressure build up, and the ability to re-open for an additional flow period or well kill procedures.

On the other hand, to be as the downhole tester valve to crease well flow, the data collect can only be referenced, normally to get accurate data or parameters, third open and third close will be very necessary.

There are two rupture discs installed, one is for lower pressure Rupture disc and another is for higher pressure Rupture disc that selected base on filed application or testing procedures, the selection of rupture disc will be important to operate the tool.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Acting Full bore ball valve

  • Configurable to change the ball position once or twice downhole

  • Opens with high differential across the ball

  • Reliable and simple operation

  • Run in the closed or open position

  • Precise operating pressure utilising rupture discs

  • Hole pressure from above and below

Technical parameter of RD Dual Action Ball Valve

Working Pressure-Long seat105Mpa
Working Pressure-Short seat70Mpa
Ball Valve upper Pressure-Long seat70Mpa
Ball Valve upper Pressure-Short seat35Mpa
Ball Valve Lower Pressure-Long seat105Mpa
Ball Valve Lower Pressure-Short seat70Mpa
Tensile Strength2127KN
Internal Pressure Strength130.3Mpa
External Pressure Strength121.2Mpa
Torque Strength33KN.m
ServiceMud,Crude Oil,Natural gas NACE MR0175,Above 175F
Working Temperature-29oC~204oC
Connection Thread3 1/2” IF BXP 3 7/8” CAS BXP

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