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RTTS_PACKER_Cement_Retainer_Mechanical Set

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1.Rupture Disc (RD) Tubing String Testing (TST) Valve

Ball- Valve Tubing Tester {ball - valve and single - stroke Tubing Testers}

The rupture disc (RD) tubing string testing (TST) valve is a full-opening valve used

to pressure test the workstring while running in the hole. The flapper valve enables

the workstring to self-fill going in the hole. Apply the required pressure test. The

RD TST valve is deactivated after running into a predetermined depth or by applying

annulus pressure with a set packer to rupture the RD, exposing the air chamber

to the annular fluid. This total pressure now moves the mandrel up and opens the

flapper, locking the mandrel in the upward position.

The TST valve consists of:

» Flapper valve and spring

» RD/air chamber

» Operating mandrel

2. RTTS packer

Fullopening, hookwall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations. Generally, it is necessary to run the RTTS Packer with an

RTTS Circulating Valve assembly, or Model 2 RTTS Circulating Valve assembly for casing sizes 8 5/8 in. and larger. It is also recommended, but optional, to include a safety joint in the string.

The packer body includes a J-slot mechanism, mechanical slips, packer elements, and hydraulic slips. Large, heavy-duty slips in the hydraulic hold down mechanism help prevent the tool from being pumped up the hole. Drag springs operate the J-slot mechanism on ≤ 3 1/2-in. (88.9-mm) packer bodies, while larger packer sizes≥ 4-in. (101.6 mm) use drag blocks. Automatic J-slot sleeves are standard equipment on all packer bodies.

1.The full-opening design of the packer mandrel bore allows large volumes of fluid to pump through the tool. Tubing-type guns and other wire line tools can be run through the packer

2.The packer can be set and relocated as many times as necessary with simple tubing manipulation.

3.Tungsten carbide slips provide greater holding ability and improved wear resistance in high-strength casing. Pressure through the tubing activates the slips in the hydraulic hold-down mechanism.

Retrievable Bridge Plug

9.625inch RBP-zhong.jpg

1.Cement Retainer and Mechanical Set

2. RBP + Mechanical Set


Retrievable Packer {Mechanical Set packer}   RTTS

5" Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass,18 to 21.4 lb/ft2EA
5.5" Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass, 20 to 23 lb/ft2EA
7" Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass, 17 to 38 lb/ft6EA
73/4"   Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass, 46.1 lb/ft1EA
75/8" Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass, 55.3 lb/ft

95/8" Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass, 29.3 to 53.5 lb/ft

103/4"   Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass, 55.5 to 80.8 lb/ft

133/8"   Retrievable Packer with a concentric bypass, 68 lb/ft

Retrievable Bridge Plug {Mechanical Set RBP}   

5"   Retrievable Bridge Plug,18 to 21.4 lb/ft

7"   Retrievable Bridge Plug, 17 to 38 lb/ft

95/8"   Retrievable Bridge Plug, 29.3 to 53.5 lb/ft

Subsurface Control Valves {SSC}.

43/4" Storm Valve

61/8" Storm Valve

Safety Joint

5" Safety Joint.

7" Safety Joint.

95/8" Safety Joint.

Mechanical Circulating Valve   

5"   Mechanical Circulating Valve.

7"   Mechanical Circulating Valve.

95/8"   Mechanical Circulating Valve.

PinPoint Injection {PPI} straddle Packer Isolates Multiple Zones; straddle packer allows selected sections of the wellbore to be isolated and serviced
5"   Mechanical Straddle Packer.

7"   Mechanical Straddle Packer.

95/8"   Mechanical Straddle Packer.

Single-Stroke Tubing Tester   

3.7" Single-Stroke Tubing Tester

4.75" Single-Stroke Tubing Tester

Ball- Valve Tubing Tester {ball - valve and single - stroke Tubing Testers}

4.62" Ball- Valve Tubing Tester,

3.625" Ball- Valve Tubing Tester,

Cement Retainer

5" Cement Retainer   

7" Cement Retainer

95/8" Cement Retainer

103/4" Cement Retainer

133/8" Cement Retainer

Conversion Kits from Mechanical Set CR/BP to Wireline Set CR/BP  

Conversion Kits from Wireline Set CR/BP to Mechanical CR/BP

Bridging Plug for All Size

Mechanical Setting Tool  

5" Cement Retainer Mechanical Setting Tool

7" Cement Retainer Mechanical Setting Tool

95/8" Cement Retainer Mechanical Setting Tool





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