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Product DetailsPressure Test Pump - 20000 PSI1. Air drive pressure:8bar2. Recorder power supply:220V 50Hz 3. medium:Clean water or hydraulic fluid4. M

Product Parameters

Product Parameters

Product Details

Pressure Test Pump.jpgPressure Test Pump - 20000 PSI

1. Air drive pressure:8bar

2. Recorder power supply:220V 50Hz 3. medium:Clean water or hydraulic fluid

4. Max Outlet Pressure:20000Psi

5. Displacement Volume: approx 3.8 mL/stroke

6. Operation:manual control

7. Pressure display mode:pointer pressure

8. Accuracy of pressure gauge:1.6%FS

9. Pressure gauge range:0-25000Psi

10. Pressure gauge diameter:100mm

11. Pressure rating of all high pressure components in the system≥25000Psi

12. Air Inlet :3/8PTF

13. High pressure outlet:1/4HPCT

14. Working environment:-20℃-50℃

15. Size:500*450*700mm 18、

16. Weight:approx. 30kg

17. Unit price:$14500 FOB Tianjin, without chart recorder, but with all its fitting.

18. Delivery time: 25 days.


High Pressure Pump Ratio:
Max Outlet Pressure:
30,000 psi
Displacement Volume:
approx 2.9 mL/stroke
Test Medium:
Water or Oil
Pressure Gauge Range:
0-40,000 psi
Pressure Relief Valve:
Set @ 30,000 psi with return to tank
Pump Isolation and Vent
Autoclave Engineers needle valves
10 Litres with sight level
Air Inlet Drive Connection:
3/8’’ Female BSPT
Air Drive Pressure:
1 – 10 bar
Discharge Connection:
¼’’ HP Autoclave Engineers
Frame and Tank Material:
Overall Dimensions:
75cm x 40cm x 47cm
Net Weight:
40 kgs
3-way ball valve on supply to draw from
tank aux supply
Emergency shutdown valve
Additel ADT680W digital gauge with
wireless data logging and software
NATA calibration certificates
Etched control panel