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Non Magnet
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Bridge plug
  • Dissolvable Frac PlugBrief Introduction of Dissolvable Frac Plug Performance1. The ultra short and l...
  • Rupture disks are used to provide well control in temporary wellbore isolation applications such as ...
  • The KWTS-U Bridge Plug is a mechanical, retrievable, compression or tension-set Bridge Plug. This pl...
  • The product is designed and manufactured based on "dissolvable" material, and it can degra...
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completion tools
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Drilling Equipment
  • Model “FHD super jar” Full Hydraulic Drilling Jar is a kind of unfreezing tool when they get stuck. ...
  • Retrievable whipstock is the key tools in branch well drilling technologies. It plays a vital role f...
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  • KINGWELL offer Filter Subs in all sizes and connections as well as in Non-Magnetic and Steel, giving...
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slickline Tools
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  • The GO Type Fishing Socket is designed primarily to extract prongs with fishing necks fromsubsurface...
  • Pear drop type rope sockets are used to securely attach wireline to the tool string.It utilises a br...
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APR Drill Stem Testing Tools
  • Product DetailsPressure Test Pump - 20000 PSI1. Air drive pressure:8bar2. Recorder power supply:220V...
  • Product DetailsFullbore DSTNoItemDescription1down hole tester valveannulus operated, capable of hold...
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Damping tools
  • Abstract:Anti-Vibration tool is a future bright star in metal industry which bring an effective solu...
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Rubber Seals

Aerospace Rubber Seals03/11/2015KINGWELL Aerospace Rubber Seal SeriesRubber Rings for Oilfield Packer:Packer rubber tube is an important part of a pac

Product Parameters

Product Parameters

Aerospace Rubber Seals

KINGWELL Aerospace Rubber Seal Series

Rubber Rings for Oilfield Packer:

Packer rubber tube is an important part of a packer, according to difference of packer setting principle generally the packer divided into hydraulic and mechanical. Our mechanical packer and hydraulic packer fluorine rubber plastic tube can worked in the depth of 7000 meters, pressure 70 mpa and under the condition of temperature 180 ℃, the mechanical packer and hydraulic packer hydrogenated nitrile rubber tube can used   in the depth of 5000 meters, 55 mpa pressure and under temperature of 155 ℃.Our products catch up with the international first-class level, after half a year of development, we have developed mechanical packer used new type packer rubber tube, under the pressure 80 mpa and temperature of 190 ℃ .Now, we have the ability of annual capacity of 800 sets of packer rubber tube.

Hydraulic packer ring                                    Mechanical packer ring                               Composite packer ring   


No.Specificationsuse formsSleeve specifications
15"RTTS104 rubber packermechanical packer5"
25"RTTS103 rubber packermechanical packer5"
35.5"RTTS113 rubber packermechanical packer5.5"
45.5"RTTS109 rubber packermechanical packer5.5"
57"RTTS145 rubber packermechanical packer7"
67.5"RTTS161 rubber packermechanical packer7.5"
77.5"RTTS167 rubber packermechanical packer7.5"
87.5"RTTS165 rubber packermechanical packer7.5"
99.5"RTTS207 rubber packermechanical packer9.5"
10Y344-115 rubber packermechanical packer
113.5"68.5 rubber packermechanical packer3.5"
122.7"54.5 rubber packermechanical packer2.7"
135.5"MCRH rubber packermechanical packer5.5"
147"MCRH rubber packermechanical packer7"
157.5"MCRH rubber packermechanical packer7.5"
16Y211-103 rubber packermechanical packer
177"compound rubber packermechanical packer7 "
187.5"compound rubber packermechanical packer7.5 "